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How to clean and store amber jewelry


Amber beads should not be stored where they will rub against each other, metal or other hard surface materials. Soft flannel or velvet pouches are best for storing and protecting articles individually. Remove dust simply by wiping with a soft flannel cloth dampened with clean fresh water.

Avoid placing amber beads near any strong solutions, do not allow amber to come in contact with perfume or hair spray. It is a good idea to remove amber jewelry while cooking to avoid excessive heat. Keep away amber from direct sun light. Amber preserves moisture that can vapor in direct sunlight, as a result amber color in time, beads may loose shiny polish.

Commercial jewelry cleaning solutions should not be used on amber. Because of the softness, brittleness and its susceptibility to harm by various chemicals and oxidation, amber jewelry pieces require some special care in handling and storing. Never use hot water for cleaning amber.


  • Store your amber either in cloth pouch or gift box. Not too tight, drilled beads easily shatter, break.
  • Humidity contained in amber beads vapors in time making it soft and fragile, direct sunlight would age beads even grater.
  • Avoid high temperatures or contact with rough surfaces, metals, amber "skin" easily scratches.
  • Clean amber beads with dip of fresh warm water and soft cloth, no dedicated cleaners or sprays are required. A drop of olive oil would make beads more shiny.
  • Remove jewelry before before sleep, constant twisting and bending may damage beads, moisture, sweat can extend thread make overall look less attractive.
  • Cosmetics, make up can remove polish and shine of the beads.



To enjoy your amber jewelry for long time, some simple precautions must be observed. In order to clean amber jewelry you will need following:

  • Container with water
  • Toothbrush
  • Liquid soap
  • Olive oil
  • Towel


Pure small amount of liquid soap in the container with water, dip amber in soapy water, scrub gently. Please note amber is rather soft gemste, can scratch easily. Focus mainly on areas were beads contact. Rinse off properly any residue from the soap with fresh water, make sure no soap remains is gaps and pits. Amber looses shine in time, small drop of olive oil in water can bring shine to life, also will make any none cleanable dust or dirt in cracks barely visible.

If beads are decorated with silver, you may use silver cleaning cloth or cleaner, avoid direct cleaning amber surface. Wash properly wish water when done.


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