64cm / 25.25";   Ø9x8x7 - 16x12x9mm;   Thorn;   Polished;   Twistclasp
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Weight: 46.8 grams
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Item specifics

64cm / 25.25"
Ø9x8x7 - 16x12x9mm
  • Polished


  • Twistclasp


  • Butter
Main Color:
Honey, butter

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Baltic Amber

Genuine Baltic amber is a natural resin that is millions of years old. It is found in the Baltic region of Europe, specifically in countries like Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Baltic amber is known for its unique yellow, orange, and brown colors and its ability to contain inclusions, such as insects and plant matter. The natural healing properties of Baltic amber, such as anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, are highly sought after by many. Many people also appreciate the natural beauty of Baltic amber and use it in jewelry and decor.

 Baltic amber mining

Amber Mining

Natural Baltic amber mining is the process of extracting amber from the earth in its raw form. It is found in the Baltic region. The mining process involves digging into the earth to find layers of amber-rich soil, and then extracting the amber by hand or with machinery. This type of amber is highly valued for its unique color and clarity, as well as its historical significance. However, the process of mining can be harmful to the environment, and sustainable practices are often implemented to minimize the impact. Despite this, natural Baltic amber continues to be a sought-after material for jewelry and other decorative items.