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32cm / 12.5", Ø 4 - 7mm, Chips, Polished, Multi 4
Smooth rounded chips beads does not contain sharp corners, safety individually knotted between beads in case of breakages. Guaranteed Authentic Baltic amber...

Extinct species

Baltic Amber is a scientific phenomenon that contains fossil plants and insects that date back for over 40 million years! Finding bugs and plants frozen for millions of years is exiting experience. Most of the life-forms found in true fossil amber are now extinct. Baltic amber gives us all a great opportunity to view fascinating world of prehistoric times.

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Received my bulk order today and am more than delighted in the beautiful necklaces, fantastic quality, fast delivery and reliable service. i will definately be ordering more! thank you!

Thankyou for your exemplary service and quality products. My company needs to know it can rely both upon the service of my supplier and the quality of the products. I was greatly impressed with your manner of service and the high quality of your Baltic Amber products. I know that we will be doing business time and time again for the future to come.
Professional and courteous customer service, beautiful merchandise, and fast delivery - this has been a flawless experience; many thanks!