Baltic Amber

Experience the captivating allure of Baltic amber, radiating a spectrum of warm hues from yellow to rich red. With an ancient heritage spanning 44-52 million years, this precious resin originated from coniferous trees flourishing in the bygone Baltic region. Prized globally for its remarkable clarity and preserved inclusions, Baltic amber reigns as one of the world's finest. Adorning jewelry and ornamentation, it's also embraced in folk medicine as a natural remedy. Embracing scientific inquiries in paleontology and entomology, it's a treasure for research. Mined traditionally along the Baltic Sea's shores and its tributaries, Baltic amber remains a cherished industry enriching the Baltic Sea countries.

Extinct Species

Baltic amber, a captivating relic of time, is fossilized tree resin, painstakingly preserved over countless millennia. This treasure, originating from the heart of Northern Europe's Baltic region, boasts a singular allure and the remarkable ability to conserve the stories of bygone life forms. Within its golden depths, a wealth of mysteries unfolds—extinct insects and plants, unveiling chapters of ancient ecosystems. Impeccably preserved, these specimens hold untold secrets of yesteryears: the pulse of behaviors, the whispers of physiologies, and even the echoes of DNA from vanished species. This treasure trove of extinct life continues to kindle curiosity, as scientists and paleontologists delve into its depths to illuminate the ever-evolving tapestry of existence.