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Amber4Baby, Bracelets, 14cm / 5.5", Ø 5 - 6mm, Baroque, Polished, Black, Lemon
Safety knotted thread With twist screw clasp Succinic acid calms baby, reduce stress & drooling Full energy powerful anti oxidant...

Extinct species

Baltic Amber is a scientific phenomenon that contains fossil plants and insects that date back for over 40 million years! Finding bugs and plants frozen for millions of years is exiting experience. Most of the life-forms found in true fossil amber are now extinct. Baltic amber gives us all a great opportunity to view fascinating world of prehistoric times.

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45cm / 17.75", Ø ~6 -7mm, Baroque, Polished, Yes
Great mommy necklace in addition to baby necklace. Baroque shape individually knotted beads, Baltic amber necklaces with twist clasp.

Succinic acid

Baltic amber contains naturally-occurring valuable substance called succinic acid, which when externally treated absorbed has analgesic healing effect. Amber is also suitable for pharmacy and cosmetics as it contains no heavy metal admixtures.

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