32cm / 12.5";   Ø4.5 - 6.5mm;   Baroque;   Raw;   Twistclasp
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Weight: 4.5 grams
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The unisex necklace is made to be worn around the neck, not designed for chewing them with teeth. The string has been hand knotted in between each bead, screw clasp is used to fasten the necklace. Parent supervision is recommended at all times when baby wears necklace, recommended to be removed while sleeping.

When amber is heated naturally by contact with your skin, it releases trace amounts of healing oils into your body. These oils, which contain succinic acid, are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream for pain reliever

  • Authentic amber is one of the most potent, natural substances that can rid us of most of our common ailments such as arthritis, anxiety and chronic illness.
  • Formed by nature, part of the trees millions of years ago! Manufactured and delivered from Lithuania, the true amber origin.
  • Superior quality! Certified Baltic amber products 100% pure amber. Carefully handpicked, completely natural and handcrafted.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Unlike other inferior amber products, we confidently stand behind our products and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Item specifics

32cm / 12.5"
Ø4.5 - 6.5mm
  • Raw


  • Twistclasp


  • Multi 2

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Baltic Amber

Discover the authentic essence of Baltic amber, an ancient treasure born from the embrace of time, spanning countless millennia. Unearthed in the Baltic region, across enchanting lands like Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, genuine Baltic amber resonates with hues of yellow, orange, and brown—each shade echoing a tale of antiquity. Its embrace of inclusions, from enigmatic insects to the whispers of plant life, paints a vivid tableau of Earth's history. Beyond its beguiling palette, Baltic amber unveils a realm of natural healing, cherished across generations. Embodying anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving virtues, it's a coveted balm for many seekers of well-being. Yet, its allure transcends its curative powers; it's a symphony of nature's artistry, woven into splendid jewelry and cherished as adornment for both person and place. Within each radiant gem, the ages converge, and the beauty of the past finds a timeless home.

 Baltic amber mining

Amber Mining

Embarking on a journey deep into the heart of the Baltic region, natural Baltic amber mining unveils the raw essence of this timeless gem. Imbued with history and cherished for its captivating color and clarity, this ancient treasure is extracted from layers of amber-rich soil. Whether by the hands of skilled artisans or with the aid of machinery, the process bridges the gap between Earth's embrace and the jeweled adornments it graces. Yet, this quest for beauty is balanced by a commitment to sustainability. While the mining process holds the potential to leave an impact, mindful practices are diligently embraced to safeguard the delicate tapestry of our environment. Through it all, the allure of natural Baltic amber, sought after for generations, continues to shine in the realms of jewelry and cherished ornamentation.