by Darius B
Amber Classification

Classification of Baltic Amber

Amber can be classified into several forms:
Natural Baltic amber (Succinite) – mechanical treatment only (for instance: grinding, cutting, turning or polishing) with no enhancement of natural solid piece properties.
Modified color Baltic amber (Succinite) – thermal treatment, that change only physical surface properties like color or transperancy, with no ehancment of natural solid piece properties.
Modified* structure Baltic amber (Succinite) – high-pressure treatment, that change physical gemstone shape properties of solid piece.
Reconstructed (pressed) Baltic amber (Succinite) – gemstone made of Baltic amber small, matching color pieces, pressed in high temperature and under high pressure without additional components to gain larger gemstone piece out of small bits.
Bonded* Baltic amber (Succinite) – natural Baltic amber and other (artificial, modified, reconstructed) components bonded together with the use of a binding agents to join the pieces.


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