by Darius B
Amber Legends

Amber Legends

Mermaid goddess Jurate lived under the Baltic Sea in a amber castle. She ruled the sea and all of the sea-life. A young fisherman named Kastytis was disturbing the peace as he was catching a lot of fish. Jurate decided to punish him and restore the peace, but she fell in love with the handsome young fisherman. They spent some happy times in the castle, but Perkunas, the pagan thunder-god, found out that the immortal goddess had fallen in love with a mortal man. He became furious and struck the undersea castle with bolt lightning shattering it to millions of pieces. Chained to ruins on the seafloor Jurate mourns for her beloved to this day. Her sad voice is heard in a stormy sea, tear drops are amber pieces washed out among seaweeds on the sandy shores.


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