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The essential product for the creation of your amber jewelry. Polyester resin screw clasps available in a plethora of colours - photo shows typical examples but exact colours vary depending on stock. Popular clasp provide the perfect finishing touch for your amber jewellery designs, are matching colors to natural Baltic Amber beads.

These clasps are made from two halves that screw together via a small section of plastic threaded dowel. Simply remove the dowel by unscrewing each side of the clasp and fasten to the necklace ends then replace the dowel. Alternatively you can thread a head pin into each side of the clasp poking outwards. Turn loops in the wire to give a threading loop each side of the clasp.

Most common clasps for amber teething jewelry are

  • Twist clasp. It is most popular clasp, durable uppon use, longest available in market.

Twist clasp products

  • Pop safly clasp. This clasp has break away, separation feature uppon tention force applied.

Pop clasp products


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