by Darius B
Magical Amber

Amber is a symbol of happiness and health. The magical properties of amber are as diverse as the medicinal ones. Since ancient times it was used as a powerful talisman and amulet. Amber symbolizes the spiritual connection.

Amber is a source of creative power, faith and optimism. It strengthens intuition and helps to realize plans in concrete actions, brings good luck, joy and peace, gives courage, keeps health.

Amber contains iodine, so the wearing of the amber pieces will be useful in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland.

Amber is a symbol of faith, optimism and creative power. The stone improves intuition and helps in the realization of ideas, brings joy, luck and peace, maintains health and gives courage. He assists in the implementation of plans and clarification of thoughts.

  • enhances intuition
  • give courage and reduces anxiety,
  • brings good luck,
  • attracts attention
  • protects from evil eye,
  • brings joy and happiness