by Darius B
Succinic acid in Baltic amber

Succinic acid in Baltic amber

This magic oil in Baltic amber is a great way to help ease pain and inflammation without chemicals or artificial agents. Amber beads a great for all types of pain relief, not just for children!!

Modern science finds that amber is made with a lot of useful elements for the human body. Most of the amber healing properties are attributed to the succinic acid. Apart from its natural pain relieving properties, Baltic amber’s succinic acid may also help improve your body’s immune system and it can help with high levels of stress or anxiety.

Does amber actually release any oils?

Over time due to various environmental conditions such as temperature change, sun light (UV-light), air Baltic amber material degrades. This reaction to atmosphere is called oxidation, occurs in several years at the crust, results in Baltic amber surface discoloration, changes in visual, chemical and structural properties. Becomes noticeable in several years. The surface of amber will become darker, small cracks like on dry clay may appear.

In both acidic and alkaline pH conditions in humid environment caused degrading effects (hydrolysis), due to the saponification phenomenon, Baltic amber material naturally releases organic acidic vapors, creating acidic conditions in presence of moisture.

How long analgesic effect last on Baltic amber?

Recent studies of amber degradation, confirm

  • Not only heat and UV radiation, but also visible light can cause rapid degradation of amber;
  • Oxidation of terpenoid components, that starts from the surface, is the major cause of degradation, oxygen is involved in several processes, such as breakdown of carbon bonds and formation of communic acid from communol;
  • Amber is sensitive to both high and low relative humidity;
  • Acidic and alkaline pH conditions can cause chemical changes and surface deterioration in amber objects.


Being exposed to low relative humidity, acidic and alkaline pH conditions causes Baltic amber chemical changes, surface deterioration, off-gassing, release of suiccinic acid and hydrolysis.

In simple terms humid and warm human body conditions causes Baltic amber beads cause degradation and this to vapor suiccinic acid.

Lab studies proved that after intense artificial agening process, only surface was affected. Oxidation creates a surface layer that keeps remaining amber preserved. Baltic amber chemical properties and qualities remain intact for hundreds of years. Some archaeological samples in museums dates thousands of years old.

How long does the analgesic effect last on baltic amber teething necklaces?

Do you know how long each piece will give the pain reducer effects? For example, are the teething necklaces only good to reduce the pain for one year, or shorter or longer periods of time?

Atmosphere makes amber beads oxidate. Oxidation is the reason oils and acids are released that benifit us greatly. This process also creates a crust on surfase that supposed to slow down amber degradation, preserve remaining amber and this stops the release of acids.

Basically answer would be analgesic effect should last till amber changes color, more sun beads get, more moist enviroment faster the oxidation process. For most positive effect amber should not be older then 1 - 3 years.

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